Finagle a Bagel:

So maybe at this point in the semester, you’re starting to feel like you’ve put on a few pounds from all those nights out, and you’ve lost a few dollars somewhere along the way. But you have to eat, so why not kill a two birds with one stone and take a trip to Finagle a Bagel? Walk briskly and you’ll be able to grab lunch and make it back to campus in time for class. That walk should burn off a few calories from your beer binge the night before. And with many inexpensive and delicious options to choose from, you can find something to satisfy your budget and your appetite.

Our group of four started with the new Flat bread pizza ($5), with roasted red peppers, chunks of bleu cheese, and chicken. We found the combination of bleu and mozzarella cheeses a tasty treat, though eating an entire personal pizza may not be the healthiest of actions. Two diners tried the BLT bagel sandwich and found it good, overall. While the “T” were slightly past their prime, nothing was severely overripe and the combo worked well. A third member of the party sampled the Sante Fe Turkey melt with Monterey jack cheese, black beans and a cranberry spread. She thought it was an interesting pairing of sweet and tangy, but would’ve liked a warning about the spiciness. The fourth member of the party chose the turkey with lettuce and tomato sandwich. The turkey had a nice smoky flavor that complemented the slightly sweet bagel. But the Star of Lunch was the veggie melt, with creamy spinach and artichoke spread. It was warm, chewy and flavorful…All sandwiches are around $4 and served with “seasonal accompaniment”, in our case, an apple.

Finagle a Bagel has numerous locations around the greater Boston area. As the story goes (as read on the F.A.B. web site), the founder, Larry Smith, didn’t believe New Yorkers’ claims that the secret to NY bagels lay in the water. So he took 5 gallons of Boston water to New York and made two sets of bagels. Side by side, no New Yorkers could tell the difference between the two and a Boston tradition was born. The stores offer about 17 varieties of bagels and even have call ahead service to ensure your sandwich is ready when you arrive. So if you’re in the mood for a good, fast meal that gives you the chance to venture off campus, head into the Square and visit Finagle a Bagel. Your waistline and your wallet will thank you.