F Goes to the Olympics

Section F left the Section Olympics proud on Tuesday, April 23. We did not win the Gold in Athletics or Project Build or the Intellectual Games (although we did come out with a nifty Bronze thanks to Richard Starling, Jim Pyke, Amie Perl, Emma Herbert, Phil Hilal, Max Magni, Lee Hambright, Ilkay Can, Rudy Bijleveld and Scott Ferguson) No, we won the Gold where it really counts-Participation. After all, it is not whether you win or lose, or even (as is commonly thought) how you play the game, it is whether you play the game. The International Olympics Committee, which has refocused on the value of unity and country pride, recently announced that Participation will be included as an official event in the 2004 Olympics in Athens. Get your tickets early-this event is sure to be a sell-out!

As for Section Olympics, more on this . . . Lee Rivas got to relive his army days coaching the troops in Tug o’ War, with Allan Merrill, hands wrapped in white tape, taking the anchor. We started with a quick defeat of Section J, but after a valiant effort fell to the hands of Section B. Training for next year began at 5:00 AM on Wednesday. Lee runs a tight ship and says he plans a major upset in 2003.