Exercise Program Do's and Don'ts

Consult a physician before starting an exercise program. Don’t just sign the consent form that says you did!

Be consistent in your workouts, setting short and long-term goals. Working towards realistic goals will help you see the results from your exercise program.

Have a health and fitness professional help set your program. Depending on your individual fitness goals, what the person next to you in the gym is doing may not be best for you. Sit down with a pro and find out what you should be doing to achieve your goals.

Make working out fun! Go to the gym with a “workout buddy” or find an activity such as Ballroom Dancing that you enjoy.

Start your program too quickly. Much like you shouldn’t start exercising without stretching and warming up, take it easy in your fitness program and build up your strength and endurance slowly.

Let missing one workout make you stop your program. Things come up – it’s OK to skip a workout and pick back up the next time.

Have working out become a “chore” or “task”. Make working out part of your routine, like eating or watching a favorite TV show, rather than thinking every day “I have to go to the gym”.

Forget about nutrition! According to Don Sweatt, “Diet is just as important as a Cardio and Strength program when it comes to managing weight.” If you can’t figure out that Spangler Pizza 3 times a day is bad…Shad has nutritionists to help!