Elvis Has Left The Building

When we last left off, the A-Team was busily preparing for the Shad Factory Exercise on October 19th. As the simulation grew near, many NA-ers reported having nightmares involving a shady character named Arthur Dief who was determined to screw up their process. However, as we descended upon the gymnasium-during the most unfair time slot of the day-decked out in matching team t-shirts, bandanas, and signs indicating job titles such as “Stripper,” our fears were put to rest. No evil tricks were pulled on us, unless you count certain auditing teams taking the whole thing a little too seriously and causing laborers grief by criticizing their placement of wires. Couldn’t they see that wire-fitting is an ART???

After attending three weeks of depressing job presentations, NA-ers were ready to vent frustrations by meeting up with Old A for a Karaoke Challenge. We knew that Old A took karaoke quite seriously, but luckily New A was not about to disappoint them. Sean Coar performed a rousing rendition of “Rock With You” by The Gloved One-complete with moonwalk! Reportedly he is working on trying to master “Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa! Ma ma se, ma ma sa, Ma ma coo sa!” for his next turn at the microphone.

Other highlights of the night include Chris Young, Neil Edwards, Laurent Therivel and Raj Inamdar trying to convince everyone that It Wasn’t Them. I’m sure in his wildest dreams, Shaggy never imagined he would have HBS students carrying on his mission of justifying infidelity. But they don’t call “A” the Scarlet Letter for nothing, do they?

Kirstin Gollop and Careina Williams were deemed the “best voices” in the section, joining in with a group of A women to sing “Material Girl.” Octavio Valdes shook his bon-bon in the spirit of Ricky Martin while performing “She Bangs.” Finally, Raj Inamdar made it obvious that the King lives on with his stirring version of “All Shook Up.” Girls were throwing themselves at him and fainting all over the place. It was mayhem. We hope that we have lived up to the standards that Old A set for us.

At the end of the week, NA descended upon the MBA haunt Daedalus to celebrate Laurent Therivel’s birthday. Although a majority of us now have bruises after being bowled over by the wait staff-can you say “Need for expansion?”-a great time was had by all. And Laurent reports that the mission of assuring he would not remember the night was successful.
Over the weekend, some donned their fancy threads for the Predators Ball. While not as scandalous as Priscilla, it was for a much better cause. On Saturday, Susan Rasmus and fianc‚, Erika Olson and fianc‚, Grace Park, and a group of about 20 other MBA students attended the musical “Mamma Mia!” The event was organized by Becky Silver (NI) and Stacey Sonnenberg (NI). I think everyone would agree that the show rocked the house-there’s nothing like a little ABBA music to get you in a good mood. Highly recommended.

The week of October 22nd presented a welcome break from the madness that was the past month. From watching Twelve Angry Men in LEAD to getting a sneak-preview of the Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial in Marketing, NA was refreshed and ready for just about anything. Except…Finance.
In the world of sports, the football team claimed yet another victory, this time over OC. See the details in the sports section! NA played an intense soccer game mid-week, which, as Navin Dadlani cleverly put it, was a “non-win.” But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t dramatic. Emotions, adrenaline, and testosterone ran high as Anthony Carango motivated the team with advice such as, “If they’re gonna cry, give ’em something to REALLY cry about!!!”

Last but certainly not least, our home-away-from home, Aldrich 107, has finally gotten some snazzy decorations. There’s nothing like a leopard-print bulletin board to wake you up in the morning. Now all we need is to get the ceiling fixed so it stops raining plaster down on Michael Tong.