Elegant WCS Bacchus Ball Rocks the Harvard Club

Bacchus, Greek God of Wine, was faithfully watching over his guests last Friday as over two hundred HBSers flocked to celebrate the Wine and Cuisine Society’s Annual Bacchus Ball, sponsored by the Robert Mondavi Family of wines.

Held in the elegant Back Bay Harvard Club – a venerable venue full of marble, mahogany panelling, and twelve-foot high fireplaces – the event was the WCS’s signature black tie formal of the year. Attendees were honored to have Anne-Marie Avanni of Robert Mondavi Winery to present the wines and attend all of the evening’s festivities.

As guests entered, a jazz trio and a glass of Robert Mondavi’s Danzante Pinot Grigio welcomed them to the Grand Room of the club. Other wines included La Famiglia de Robert Mondavi Barbera, Byron Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir, Robert Mondavi Coastal Private Selection Merlot, and Caliterra Chardonnay. Guests then faced tough choices between all the entr‚es including carved peppered beef, ginger and lime crab cakes, wild mushroom risotto, roast pork loin with red onion confit, etc, etc. Needless to say no one went home hungry. “I’ve had everything…twice” commented one thorough guest.

As the night progressed and the wine flowed, focus shifted to the dance floor, where some members were trying their best at the new “Bacchusian” dance form (apparently a mix of disco, Guns and Roses, and techno). Others headed to the dessert table, where Mondavi’s Woodbrige Porto Cinco port sided with miniature pastries, dessert cheeses, chocolate opera torte, Grand Marnier crŠme brule, and other dishes too sinful to even write about.

Guests appeared quite happy with the evening. “Clearly, this was the best ball of the season. If you missed the Bacchus Ball, you missed something special.” opined Barry Barry Hytinen (NG).

ennifer Tipa Beedon (OG) commented “the Harvard Club was a fabulous setting for the Wine Ball! It was a far more intimate setting than any other ball that I’ve attended here at HBS.I particularly enjoyed the Byron Pinot Noir – it was spectacular!”

Ball Chairperson and WCS Co-President Andrea Zapatka summed up the spirit of the event. “This is as good as a party gets. If you can’t have fun here, then you’ve got issues. The Robert Mondavi Family of Wines made it very special with some great wine. After all, life is too short to drink not to drink great wine!”