Editor's Farewell

Thanks for sticking with A&E for the past year. In my Editor’s Welcome of January 2002, the A&E team’s stated goal was to allow readers to escape the “bubble” by exposing “the HBS community to a wide variety of Boston area restaurants, pubs, clubs, music and sports events.” Upon reflection, I think we succeeded.

Granted, one could question the cinematic relevance of including reviews of “Rollerball” and “Friday After Next,” the incessant articles on Texas country music legends (luv ya, Willie), and the not-so-subtle promotion of student band, CW (was that four or five articles printed in the past year?). Nevertheless, the A&E team had many bright spots as well: the introduction of regular film and restaurant columns (by people who know what they’re talking about), the expansion of everybody’s favorite beer column, an exclusive interview with the CEO of Virgin Entertainment, a review of Blackhawk Down by a member of the Special Forces in Somalia, and the late addition of a real-life Sommelier pontificating on the ins and outs of wine selection. Each was distinct, and all served to create an exciting, varied A&E experience for the HBS community.

In closing, I’d like to personally thank the many contributors over the past year, namely A&E Associate Editor Shibani Johsi (NA) and regulars Matt Yosca (HBS Staff), Dante Anderson (OH), Angela S. Lisulo (KSG), Tiffani Lott (NJ), Mousumi Shaw (NF), and Mike Fortes. You all brought diverse, informed perspectives to the party, the likes of which could only be found at an institution such as HBS. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Thanks for entertaining.