Editorial: I'm Not That Guy

Everyone wants to know who That Guy is, which makes for the funny sounding and pun like question – “Who is That Guy?” After a moment of starting into space, I tell them what I tell everyone, including the newspaper staff, friends, section mates and even my Mom. Flatly, “I can’t tell you.” Then they say, oh c’mon, and I say, no really, I can’t.

Then they give me a strange look. Then I tell them that it’s not me, which is pretty much all I can tell you about That Guy. I am not “That Guy” although I’m flattered that people would think that I’m that funny. I can also say that Keith Wolf isn’t “That Guy”. To answer questions from The Harbus staff, it also isn’t Dan Gertsacov.

I know you’ll want to kill me, but I’m not going to tell you who “That Guy” is, unless you threaten my family or something. So don’t ask, because you’re just torturing yourself. That Guy could be a woman, a partner, a staff member, a person that works in the grille. That Guy could be an alien life form. Again, all I can tell you is that I’m not That Guy although I wish I was. He’s hilarious.

There are very few rules and govern That Guy, so I guess he’s a lot like Rodman. He’s protected under a strict anonymity rule. He can’t mention individuals by name. He can’t use profanity or mention bodily excretions. Obviously no racial, sexist, or prejudice slurs. And that’s pretty much it. Everything else is open season.

I never imagined that “That Guy” would be this famous or infamous. I’m glad he is, and I’m happy to tell you that he loves making fun of us, and from what I hear, you love reading his work. So stop asking me about “That Guy”; I’m never going to give up his identity. Write him directly at thatguyhbs@yahoo.com and most importantly keep reading. Have a great week.

Allen Narcisse
Editor In Chief