E We Go

On a cold and wet Wednesday afternoon, NE defeated NA 4-2 to move on to the RC Championship Match. Kudos to both teams for getting down and dirty in the muck, and delivering a well-fought, well-played match. The four die-hard spectators who braved the elements appreciate your efforts.

Special thanks go out to NE Marketing professor, Anita Elberse, for lacing up the cleats and upholding the NE tradition of female athletic greatness.

In addition, thanks to Professor Asis Martinez-Jeres who stood emotionally conflicted on the sidelines as he watched his two FRC sections do battle on the pitch.

Play on both sides was characterized by hustle, speed, and skill. Players sprinted for every loose ball, and challenged every pass and shot. On this day, NE’s shortened playoff roster and its “Shoot Early. Shoot Often” strategy were too much for NA.

In the first half, neither team was able to find the net until NE’s Nick “the Brit” Hedges emerged from a scrum and bounced in the game’s first goal.

Although NA managed to tie the score with less than a minute remaining in the half, NE went into the break encouraged by the constant pressure it had been able to apply on NA’s goal.

The floodgates opened up in the second half, literally and figuratively.

With the rain pouring down, NE poured it on, scoring 3 goals in quick succession. Lightning fast striker Brian Doherty wreaked havoc all game long, and in the second half sandwiched two scores – the first with his right foot, the second with his left – around a pretty Tim Evans goal.

NE’s defensive rotation of Alec Kersman, Jay Klug, and Dan Krebs ( “the Killer Ks”) stifled any thoughts of a NA comeback. And coming off his 3 touchdown IM football performance, superstar goalie Ryan McMonagle pulled down nearly every shot on goal that NA could muster.

As they’ve done all season long, midfielders Garth Napier and John Knoch exerted their influence over the entire field, rushing back to help on defense and pushing the ball forward to start the offense. And finally, shout-outs to Lauren and Anita for once again showcasing NE’s most valuable assets and our true comparative advantage.

Final Four, here “E” come…