Double-dozen-double-header for Magnificent 7 of NA

Buck: I hear we got trouble.

Chris: Would you be interested in partaking in a little show of force?

Buck: “Show of force”? Well hell, that’s my middle name.
(Magnificent 7)

Another rousing speech from Brian ‘Hawaii 5-‘ O’Connor got the hired hands in the mood for some ass-kicking. Despite a G St induced haze, NA slung-in 24 goals against NI and ND. Yet again, Shuhrat ”Rocky’ Kuziev lit up the game, running from southern tip to northern plains, to slot the goals. Equally, as memorably, three times, he tumbled to the dirt after forgetting to bring his legs with his body. The matches produced goals for any players who had shins to bounce the balls off, but included quality NA first kills for captain, Kevin ‘the Bard’ Mantsch and Sara ‘Lee’ Strammiello. A pre-match plea for supporters dragged out Adam ‘Sheriff’ Zhi Li, who showed a highly effective and novel ‘no hands, no feet’ technique to goalkeeping. David Seaman please take note.

The pitch probably prevented an even uglier score, but the swimming pools gave TJ ‘Hooker’ Carella the chance to cool down after another fine afternoon of goalslinging. Joe ‘Blondie’ Titlow and Chris ‘A horse has’ Withers also swung their old-faithfuls to fire some bullets into the net.

Always tight at the back, the returning Dan ‘Sting’ Rogers saddled up with Su-Lin ‘Going, going, g’ Ong and Alex ‘Absolut’ Alvarez to put down any Mexican stand-offs with opposition outriders, sewing up the games for NA. Next up…a duel with HBS’ best.