Defeating NH, NE Continues On Track To The Playoffs

Another disputed match, yet quite a different one, compared to the usual. The star of the game was Katie Sumpton (NE), who scored two goals, decisively unbalancing the score to NE.

The game started with a ball hitting the post after Cameron Ogden’s (NE) shot. Almost no one believed, except for Sumpton who stroked it to the net. 1-0, NE takes the lead. The game then entered a period of good plays and great goalkeeping from both goalkeepers. But Carl Lavin (NE), after passing by four defenders scored the second goal for NE. Shortly after, the half time whistle blew.

In the second half, NH made a strong attempt to come back. David Margain (NH) found a way to strike the ball into the net, passing by all the NE’s defenders. The reaction from NE, however, was unstoppable as one disallowed goal did not hurt the morale. Sumpton scored a second goal, as Salomon Simkins also scored (this one after a great effort by Maamar Benaissa-Tahar), bringing the score to 4-1.

At that point it was hard for NH to come back, as there were only eight minutes left to play. But NH tried very hard, scoring once by Pawel Owczarski (NH) and another attempt saved just on the line by an overhead kick from Carl Lavin. NH allowed uncertainty to be present until the end of the game. Still, NE held on to the defense and saved the 4-2 win!