CW: Renamed and Ready to Rock

After a summer of unbridled, dusk to dawn rock-n-roll living, CW is back in Boston and ready to jam. Actually, the band members spent most of their summer as management consultants, investment bankers, and Internet entrepreneurs, but this was only a small sidetrack on their road to international rock stardom.

Female vocalist Charu Juneja (OD) did work for a major record label but laments, “They were just too profit oriented. I’m all about the music not the money.” Juneja is currently applying for positions with a variety of New York hedge funds.

Many of you already know CW from their sell-out gigs last year at House of Blues, T.T. The Bear’s, and Johnny D’s. Numerous RC’s are still recovering from the September 5th show at Middle East sponsored by the Orientation Committee. In case you’ve forgotten, CW brings together the musical talents of HBS EC’s Amanda “negative ghost rider the pattern is full” Krantz (OB), drums, James “jote, jota, jotus” Jarrett (OG), guitar, Jonathan “custom suit” Waggoner (OC), vocals, and Charu “stray cat” Juneja (OD), vocals. New to CW is RC bass playing phenom, Paul “mo digity” Boruta. Former rhythm guitarist Neil “yeah baby, yeah” Edwards (OA) has temporarily given up his guitar and alcohol in favor of pursuing a life-long dream of running the Boston Marathon. HBS partner and bass guitar legend Dustin Weinberger found a job at the Chicago Museum of Art as one of those weird security guards in an oversized suit. “I’ll miss the band, but someone has to protect those Monets.”

Krantz provides the backbone with her Animal-the-Muppet like assault on
the drums while Waggoner’s pelvic thrusts and hypnotic voice seduce the audience. Juneja’s vocals leave you stunned while Jarrett and Boruta’s jagged riffs to finish you off. Evidently, Boruta was recruited to the band for more than his musical prowess. Notes Jarrett, “Paul is a great bass player, but he really adds value by just standing there and looking pretty. I mean, since he joined we’ve had to hire security to keep Sloan and Kennedy School students off the stage.”

CW isn’t worried one bit about the turbulent job market, having devised the perfect combination of rock and philanthropy. “If we can’t get jobs we love, we are going to rent a bus and tour the country,” explains Krantz. “We’ll do volunteer consulting for small charities who otherwise wouldn’t have access to high caliber consultants, and fundraise a bit by putting on a charity concert.” CW has yet to solidify a funding source, but may turn the idea into a 2nd semester field study: “The Love (Capitalism) Train.”

CW’s Mixing Business with Pleasure tour continues at the House of Blues on Wednesday October 2nd. Tickets are $10. For more information please email band manager and booking agent extraordinaire He is currently busy removing the green M & M’s from the band’s dressing room refreshment table.