Clubs Sponsor New Foundations Classes

HBS students already identify themselves with Foundations. It is their first contact with HBS and the first building blocks of their graduate school education. HBS student run clubs have an important role in further building those blocks through improving our understanding of specific topics as well as each other.

The High Tech & New Media Club, in conjunction with the Healthcare and Biotechnology Club, has initiated a series of presentations under the name “Foundations”.
The objective of these Foundations classes is to provide basic building blocks of knowledge in a variety of technical areas, and to help interested students to develop a personal network within HBS in each area.

Those who know something come to teach; those who don?t know come to learn. We all teach to and learn from each other. Students interested in certain fields begin to know who?s been there and learn directly from fellow colleagues the nuts and bolts of high growth industries, the right contacts and sources of information to get a job within those industries, as well as friends that they will be able to call on along the way.
The format is as follows. simple presentations will be given by groups of 3-5 second year students on key tech/healthcare sectors. The presentations will be in panel format, and will include discussions of market sizing, growth prospects, principal players in the market, and summer experiences.

Current plans are for “Foundations” to include the following modules:
o Telecom
Optical Networking
Broadband Services
o Biotechnology
o Enterprise Software
Web Applications
o Pharmaceuticals
o Medical Technology
o Wireless Communications
o Storage Networking

Information about the classes will appear in the coming weeks.