B-School By Day, CW By Night

After encountering countless advertisements around campus and enduring the persistent promotion of CW band member and sectionmate, Paul Boruta (NA), I made the decision to attend the CW concert at the House of Blues on Wednesday, October 2. It was the band’s second concert of the school year, and there was a noticeable buzz around campus surrounding the concert that night. Nevertheless, I was skeptical. “How cool could a band comprised of business school students really be?” I thought to myself. As a self-proclaimed music expert, I found myself wondering whether the band would live up to all the hype.

The band played to a sold-out crowd at the House of Blues, a feat not easily attainable to many bands that play at the venue. Shortly after 10pm, the lights dimmed, the crowd started to roar, and the transformation of 5 business school students into rock stars began. The entire band was decked out in the standard rock star regalia of all black and had the stage presence (and groupies) to match. This seemed pretty close to the real deal.

The concert began with a well-honored fraternity party tradition, the “group social,” whereby CW singer, Jonathan Waggoner (OC), made a toast summoning the crowd to chug the beverage of their choice until he stopped drinking. My mood and perception of the band changed considerably after this initiation ceremony. From here, things only got better.

For the next three hours, CW rocked the House of Blues. With covers from bands such as Better Than Ezra, and 3 Doors Down, CW kept the crowd dancing well into the night. Charu Juneja (OD), Jonathan Waggoner and Paul Boruta’s solo performances showcased the depth and range of the band’s musical abilities and the writing talent. Throughout the night, the crowd grooved to a variety of musical styles and samplings to which even a harsh critic like myself couldn’t resist dancing.

I am thoroughly glad I made it to the CW concert and am anxious to attend the next one. Not only did I have a great time listening to some fantastic music, but the concert also reaffirmed that the rock star dream does not have to die in business school. Amanda Krantz (OB), James Jarrett (OG), Jonathan Waggoner, Charu Juneja and Paul Boruta, are not just your ordinary HBS students. In fact, they are just the opposite-b-school by day and CW by night.