Brooks' Miracle Shot Puts Section G's Men's A-League Basketball Team in the Win Column

Section G’s Men’s A-team won for the first time this season. Never mind that the win came against fellow last-place dwellers – the Doctoral students. Never mind that they were getting blown out by ten points early in the first half playing 4-on-4 (the Doctoral team was missing their fifth player, so in a gesture of good sportsmanship, Section G decided to start the game with four players on the court) and had to exercise their option to play 5 men to their 4 (3 men and 1 woman). It was a much needed WIN, and perhaps the start of something big…even bigger than BGIE.

The tide started to turn at the buzzer of the first half, when trailing by ten, Section G’s Tarik “RC MC” Brooks heaved a desperation 3/4 court toss that hit nothing but net. This cut the lead to 7 going into the second half. Brooks reflected on his shot, “I knew it was going in when it left my hand. It felt smoother than an Amit Tiwari class comment, a Dan Edwards melody, and a Tonika Cheek-Clayton ‘Go G’ combined.”

Brooks not only served up the miracle shot, he also played intense

defense, stealing the ball five times. Teammate Darren “Vidal Sassoon” Glatt commented, “Tarik committed more crime tonight than D.C., Jersey, and Oakland combined.”

Speaking of Glatt, Darren’s layup off of an offensive rebound in the second half put the G team up for good. Strong efforts on both sides of the floor by Brad “VD (Van Damme)” Rodriguez, Kevin “KB Toy and Hobby” Barhydt, Dr. T. “You say Vanunu, I say Vananu” Vanounou, and Tyler “When I Think About You I Touch my” Self also helped spark the second half rally.

A key strategic move that would have even made STRAT guru, Forest Reinhardt, proud was to have Brian “all things Asia” Corey-uh and Lucas “The Sap” Johnson double team “the man with dreads.” Corey and Johnson seemed to enjoy this assignment.

G started to build on their second half lead faster than the Soviet Union’s GNP growth in the ’50’s, until late in the game, when several bad passes by “Everybody” Young Chung “Tonight” led to a Doctoral team rally.

Teammate Brian Corey commented on Chung’s errant playmaking, “Young’s only good pass of the day was in ENT class.” Despite his poor play on the floor, Chung, who also is the interim head coach of the team (until a permanent replacement is found) notched his first coaching win of his career. Chung said after the game, “I’m so happy I’m going to send out a mock press release to section, but nobody will read it. I’ll ask people at Brendan’s party on Thursday night.”