Black History Month

Black History Month is time for all of us to reflect on the many contributions and the rich ethnic heritage of African Diaspora. When my son Greg saw his first images of slavery in Tanzania last May, he couldn’t understand it. I tried to explain; but he has grown up in a world where everyone seems to be free and equal. The innocence of a child could not be washed away by the stories of brutality and unfairness. This gives me hope for his future; but, at the same time, I cannot let him grow up sheltered from the harsh realities of our history. We have to continually refresh our memories of this history so that we may not repeat the mistakes; it is all too quickly forgotten.

This is why we at The Harbus have taken our readers on a journey through the history of African-Americans at HBS and explored racial topics of contemporary interest, culminating with coverage of a glorious celebration of AASU achievements at its 30th Annual H. Naylor Fitzhugh Conference.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the Black History Month feature series and look forward to your contributions for Women’s History Month in March.