This year Section C raised $25,000 for eight local charities. One hundred and twelve items were auctioned on a brisk Wednesday evening on April 2. This was an all-time-high for Section C and a three year consecutive increase in money raised. Lisa Thomas worked tirelessly organizing this event. On behalf of the section, thank you for your dedication and your inspiration!

There were many surprise bids during the evening. Nick Nagrant purchased a Pakistani rug from Faheen Allibhoy, Catherine Turco purchased a night out with herself and the entire section came together to buy a whip-cream pie for Jonathon Waggoner. It should also be noted that the section later rallied to prohibit Mr. Waggoner from “donating” his leather pants at an upcoming House of Blues concert.

The most innovative sales of the evening were contributed freely by Messrs. Matt Turner & Phillip Borden. Miss Debbie McCoy took to shaving Mr. Turner’s hair and signature mustache when the auction raised over $20,000. Goldilocks – aided by Irena Chang’s expert training – sang enthusiastically at the introduction of a recent BGIE class.

Section generosity continued this Spring with final Volunteer Consulting Organization recommendations. This past week I had the opportunity to sneak along with Troy Jackson, Timur Kuru, Erin Russell and Faheen Allibhoy on their final presentation to gift shop owner, Janet Vera. Her wonderful store in Porter Square, Sui Generis, suffers from extreme cyclicality. The name is Latin for “one of a kind”.

In the wake of this all this giving, the class escalated the quality and frequency of insightful comments.

The Complement
Cindy: “I agree with Daniel!”
Giovanni: “Of course you do. He is always right”
Cindy: smiles coyly.

Winds of Change “Could it be that it’s just because of your adorable blue eyes?” A certain professor explaining why she has begun to call on Matt more than Jaime.

Easter Egg Did anyone notice Vandelay Industries was mentioned in the Keurig case? Case fact or clever Seinfeld reference?

Denial “You see Marton. This stuff works.” – guest responding to Marton JoJarth’s comment that the Siebel case was secretly intended to be a marketing document.

Substance Abuse “I’d tell him they were smoking crack.” Jaime using strong language on whether Mr. Fitzgerald should ever take a $1 million buy out offer (plus the original store) in the Hahn case.

Maestro, Please “Cutting my right arm off will not help me play the piano. No. I’m serious.” Pav Pawlowski, explaining why he’s neither a surgeon nor concert pianist in last week’s BGIE class on the European Union.

Mr. Sensitivity “I think there’s a precious balance here”. Precious? Mr. Peyton mixing emotion into case dialogue.

Corporate Whore Jonathon Waggoner: “I think what we’ve missed here is that there is a super ego in the middle.” Pause for laughter..
Class: “Yes. You.”

Bill & Ted”Oh yeah, oh yeah – for sure”. Nick Nagrant recommending that the European Union should pursue Microsoft.

Culture Clash”Basically, Europeans are lazy”. During a teethe shark attack, Jonathon Waggoner ignited class discussion on a sleepy Thursday afternoon.

No comment”It won’t bother me if I’m left alone to amuse myself”
Ron Moore explaining he wouldn’t be disappointed if students didn’t attend his office hours.