Auntie's Back…With a Vengeance!

Hello, Mouseketeers, I know you’ve all missed me, but don’t worry. I’m back with an Intraview that’s not to be missed. In many ways, this is the best Intraview yet-classy guys, charming women, and a car incident that’s not to be missed. There were a few speed bumps on the way, which led this article to be a week late, but certainly not a dollar short. Speaking of speed bumps, if you signed up with Auntie’s Matchmaking Machine and are NOT SINGLE, kindly e-mail me so I can take you off the list. But if your fortunes have fallen the other way and you are now single and available for an Intraview, drop me a note and let me know, so I can plug you into my magic machine. My e-mail address, as always, is

One final program note: I mentioned in my first article of the year that journalistic ethics prevented me from personally partaking in the Intraview process. Well, after seeing the impressive array of single men at HBS, I have decided to throw journalistic ethics out the window and will be going out on an Intraview next semester. So if you’re a guy and you haven’t heard from me, you better watch out because your Intraview might be with AuntieGoldie herself!