Auntie Sam, In Support of Imran (not Aman)

Dear Auntie Sam,

Since Cast Out of the Spotlight decided to single out the outstanding performers of the HBS Show and made a Major Faux Pas in confusing Aman for Imran, I consider it my God Given Duty to correct him. Some people decide their god given duty is to Serve Their Country-I believe mine is Equally Lofty and Worthy of Gravitas-mine is to see that Imran Is Acknowledged For His Talents.

It was Imran who was delivered the outstanding, riveting performance for three nights in a row as the inimitable Frenchman. It was he Whose Name I Could Not Stop shouting from the audience. It was the very same Imran on account of whom I had to Attend Every Evening of the HBS Show by hook or by crook, sold out though the Show was supposed to have been. He was quite simply, the Star of the Show and I take issue with you, Auntie Sam, as well as Cast Out of the Spotlight in suggesting otherwise even if by mistake.

Besides who is this Aman fellow anyway? Could it be that he is a mere Jan posing as an Imposter Sep just because Imran is a Sep and Aman is trying to Steal the Spotlight? Beware all you Jans, no matter how great an acting job you do, the Seps rule with Imran at their Head. Even if the HBS Show seemed to suggest that Imran was a Jan, let there be no confusion-the Seps rule here at HBS.

The Imran Fan

Dear Imran Fan,

If only all of us Could Feel Such Fervor at this time of the year. It’s the fourth last week of school (the third last for the second years) and academic apathy is at an all time high. But when it comes to Extracurriculars, the mood is really the opposite. Three Lovely Ladies Offer a Full Body Massage (and a fourth gets caught up in the moment and offers her services too) and even Lunch With Jack Welch gets offered up by some resourceful HBSer to cater to the enthusiasm for All Entertainments Non-Academic. Your passionate Imran Fan-dom is evidence of the Centrality of the Performing Arts to the HBS Experience, and obviously of Imran’s performance having struck a chord, should we say?

Your objection is welcomed and duly noted. But let’s not dismiss Aman too easily. I’ve watched the boy get down to 80s tunes and there’s definitely some talent there. But I am Sufficiently Impressed By Your Fervor to suggest the following: Would you agree to Purchase the Opportunity to Meet Imran in an Open Auction? Imran will likely feel quite charitable about meeting one of his Fans as the proceeds will go towards a charitable cause anyway.

Just say the word, and we’ll set it up. Seeing just how deeply the Imran-Aman confusion of last week has affected you, hopefully this will Assuage Some of Your Outrage.

Auntie Sam

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