Auntie Sam:

Auntie Sam:
Where is Mr. Right?

Dear Auntie Sam,
Last summer, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. It was very tough, but I wasn’t overly concerned. I had been told by many friends that I would meet The One at HBS. I was informed that there were countless eligible, good looking, and fun loving men here.

This was very true. However, I did not meet The One-not as a result of a lack of searching. I went to all the parties, TGIFs, conferences, and section gatherings. Indeed, I met some very interesting men, but they were either already married or engaged. Amongst the unattached, I found men that had girlfriends in far places that were looking for a fun night in the sack-not exactly what I had in mind.

After meeting several good looking single women here and sharing my anguish, I found that this was not the place for me to find my soul mate. Resigned, I began to look forward to the summer. Surely working for an investment bank in New York City is the precise recipe for romance. I decided to put myself “out there.”

You know what I mean? I went out and seriously flirted. I asked questions of all my friends that had boyfriends and watched Sex and the City to learn exactly what women in NYC had to do to score it big. And then August 21st came. That was my last day in NYC before I went on vacation-I was still single.

I came back to campus a few weeks later madly in love! Auntie Sam, I can’t tell you how this happened, but it feels so good. I have found a partner who is understanding, accommodating, and loving. We get along great and we never argue. My partner understands me and completely supports my career goals and wants me to succeed. We bond in such a unique fashion that transcends emotional, physical, and mental boundaries. I have fallen in love with myself. Why not?

Ecstasy in Self-Love

Dear Ecstasy in Self-Love,
Hats off. I’ve finally found an HBS woman worth her mettle, and her weight in gold. Some women come to HBS on a husband hunt and don’t make the discovery you have. Further, very few grasp the elusive ecstasy of self-love.

But there is hope yet. I don’t believe it’s worth giving up on finding a man here as yet. Here are Five Good Reasons Not To:

1) Second Year Men Are Stressed About Finding Jobs-easily explained by the Breadwinner Syndrome. Give them time. Once a job is gotten, they’ll move on to more elevated preoccupations in life.

2) The OC Boys Have Grown Up, I’m told, in a classic case of HBS opening up one’s world. They’re well worth a second shot at the very least.

3) The OD Girls Have Moved On to Greener Pastures leaving the field for the OD boys open again. Surely there has to be someone worthwhile there sans girlfriend.

4) Januaries and Septembers Are In Classes Together Now and the environment is consequently that bit more electric. Even if the January men don’t come through, there are so many more opportunities for lifelong friends to add to your already full roster.

5) And finally, if you really want to be the doomsday scenarist, Why Bother With Second Year Men Anyway? If you’re really tired of second years, there’s a whole raft of First Years to divide and conquer.

Don’t give up my girl-stay the course. If it doesn’t happen here amongst the crŠme de la crŠme, then what hope do we have in the big, bad world?

Auntie Sam

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