Amy and Faheen are engaged!

I’ve been notoriously delinquent in keeping up with my writing this semester. Apologies to those waiting eagerly – you know you’re in trouble when professors notice.

So what is happening in Section C?
At the top of the list are our almost newly-weds. Amy Braslaw and Faheen Allibhoy have been using their time well at Harvard Business School and are now engaged; no dates have been set. Congratulations! Recognition must also go to the numerous election winners. Raquelle Thigpin won the coveted African American Student Union Co-Presidency while Matt Turner was quietly installed as President of the Entrepreneurship club. Aylin Somersan is the Co-President of the Volunteer Consulting Organization.

Joanna Pomykala will be leading WestTrek next year, a natural extension of her excellent work as Career Service Representative. This will give her unparalleled ties to technology companies and of course leading wineries in Napa. Fully half of next year’s Wine & Cuisine Society Vice-Presidents are from Section C: kudos to Jessica Luterman, Pamela Weiss & Erin Russell. Of the 81 students in the class, almost 25% are elected officers. Please see photo.

The injury report. Taking Chris Kroeger’s lead (he sawed off his thumb last semester), there have been no fewer than 7 additional incidents. March’s ski retreat was to be no exception. Cynthia Wang suffered a leg injury while on the dance floor of the famous Wobbly Barn in Killington. While she never saw the perpetrator’s face, she did identify the shoe and has launched an exhaustive search for her anonymous attacker. In the meantime, much of the section was busy (or not busy) enjoying the weekend off-campus. Some students skied while others learned how to snowshoe in the outback. See photo. There was also fierce competition in an Olympic Luge event during the evenings. Section C had a great time – THANK YOU to Pamela Weiss and Amy Braslaw!

In the classroom. While the semester started quietly, Section C has begun to build momentum. Those zingers from 2001 are surfacing yet again. One early discovery uncovered that 2 students and 1 BGIE professor had named their dogs after famous economists Lucas and DeSoto. Both favor property rights in developing countries.

Surprisingly, 1 student and 1 BGIE professor also shared the same last name. During BGIE’s focus on Japan, the eternal optimist Tomo Takada made a passionate speech to the class that the country’s Economic Miracle wasn’t really that successful, declaring, “They could have done better”. To settle the issue, the class was treated to an unplanned sumo match between Tomo and Mike Kayumori during a later lunch session.

Favorite quotes.
“Venture capitalists are looking to flip entrepreneurs like the burgers that they really are.”

Mike Dershewitz explaining the interaction between the venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. The comment provoked thoughtful discussion and invoked an immediate proliferation of fast food metaphors. “It is an intangible, a real benefit.”

David Hindman commenting on Jim Sharpe working for himself.
“Just because you work at Penthouse doesn’t make you a hooker”.
Anonymous student asserting that Robin Wolaner’s prior work experience at Penthouse shouldn’t disqualify her from managing Parenting magazine.