A New Year, A New You

Have you become determined to lose those few extra pounds from gluttonous family feasts over the holidays? Did you make a New Year’s resolution to “finally get back in shape”? Are you looking ahead to Spring Break and want to be sure you look good in your swimsuit for the rest of the guys and gals on the beach? Based on my observations of the crowds at Shad Hall since the start of the semester, there are quite a few more people working out, and whatever your reason, I think that’s great! But what happens to you in a month, when classes kick into high gear, the recruiting panic sets in, or it just gets too damn cold and dreary to get out of bed? It’s a safe bet that something’s going to come up to try and pry you away from your health and fitness regimen, the trick is to prepare yourself now for these future quandaries.

I met with Don Sweatt, Assistant Fitness Program Manager at Shad Hall, to get his thoughts on this subject as a fitness professional. Don has been working at Shad for 8 years, and holds certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. You may already know Don as the instructor for some of the regularly scheduled “Body Blast” sports conditioning group exercise classes, or the 6-week “Intro to Kickboxing” course. He also offers individual personal training sessions – for information on all of these and more, check with the friendly staff at Shad. For some of Don’s tips on how to handle your new commitment to fitness, see “Exercise Program Do’s and Don’ts” in this section.

Ever wonder if that “30 Nanosecond Abs” or “Become Mr./Mrs. Olympia With This Contraption Made of Rubber Bands and Plastic” infomercial you saw late at night while preparing for class really works? Don is also leading an interactive workshop titled “Real Deal: Exercise Myths and Facts” this week at Shad. It’s the first time this workshop is being run, and its goal is to raise awareness and create a frame of reference about the claims made by various health and fitness products. As well as answering common questions about exercise and diet, Don plans to help attendees be able to evaluate the claims of products/salesmen. Through combinations of group discussion and role-playing, he’ll fill you in on the concrete scientific studies and research that will help you separate fact from fiction. “Real Deal” is Tuesday, January 22 from 5:30-6:30 PM -sign up at the Shad Reception Desk. Even if you can’t make the workshop, feel free to ask questions of the staff at Shad – in Don Sweatt’s words, “we’ve got a very qualified staff, feel free to come use our services. We’re glad to help!”