A Gem in Somerville

EVOO stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Now that you know the secret behind the unusual name, you may think that the mystery is gone. Quite the contrary, the journey has just begun. Situated at the intersection of Beacon Street and Washington Street in Somerville, EVOO quietly invites you inside with gracious gauze window coverings. Once inside, you discover a refreshing urban motif. We were seated at a wonderful table by the window. Our server greeted us shortly after our arrival, and our adventure officially began.

We were presented with two menus. The first was EVOO’s tried and true menu featuring entr‚es so special that they have names such as “Duck Duck Goose” and “Three Little Pigs.” The second menu consisted of the daily specials, which, by the way, included special beers and ciders for those of you who would not be impressed by EVOO’s extensive wine list.

Our server quickly brought us EVOO’s special breadsticks and olive oil/vinegar dipping sauce. After much debate, I opted to start the evening with the Maine Crab and Roasted Garlic Flan with Wild Mushroom Ragout, White Truffle Oil and Mache. Todd began with the Sweet Potato Garlic Soup with Croutons and Chili Oil (a rather incompatible combination in our opinion). The soup was a bit too strong, leaving behind a distinct garlic aftertaste. However, the flan was fantastic and fortunately, it contained a generous portion so we didn’t fight over the last bite.

We eagerly moved onto the main course. Todd ordered the “Back Door” Smoked Turkey with Wilted Greens, Caramelized Yams, Roasted Onions, Fried Sage and Barbecue Vinaigrette. Although Todd mentioned that the turkey was a bit on the dry side, overall he seemed quite pleased.

I ordered the Chinese Box Full of Mustard Glazed Shrimp, Sesame-Hoisin Braised Beef, Gingered Vegetable-Cashew Salad and Jasmine Rice. True to its name, the entr‚e was delivered in an upside-down Chinese takeout box that the server removed, leaving behind a tower of deliciously layered ingredients. The braised beef was cooked to perfection and the mustard glaze on the shrimp embodied a unique blend of spices and sweet flavors. Both entr‚es were generously proportioned and left us feeling satisfied.

Next we tackled the difficult task of choosing one dessert from all of the fabulous choices. While the Caramel-Bourbon Cheesecake and the Coconut-Banana CrŠme Br–l‚e were tempting, we decided on the Warm Chocolate Truffle Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Cream. Superb! EVOO makes all of its own breads and desserts which made this tasty finale all the more special.
The professional and attentive wait staff was among the best we have encountered in Boston. All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our evening at EVOO. It is an appropriate destination for a casual dinner or a special celebration. Bon App‚tit!