A Beautiful Mind

I have seen A Beautiful Mind and it is, by far, the best movie I have seen in over a year. While I am afraid to tell you how fantastic it is (for fear that you will set your expectations too high and then be disappointed), I will say that it is, at minimum, a must-see movie.
At the same time, I am not sure even how to review the movie without ruining it for you. Fortunately, I had heard very little about the story’s details prior to seeing it in the theatre. Since then I have read several reviews that, while interesting, reveal too much and render it impossible for one to ride along with the main character on his journey.
Russell Crowe gives an Oscar-caliber performance as John Forbes Nash, Jr., a real-life mathematician and winner of the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize. We follow John through his life and work and through some of the most terrifying experiences a human can face. Not the fear-inspiring fabrications of Hollywood, but the terrible realities of the real human condition.
Jennifer Connelly also delivers an impressive performance as John’s wife. Her strength and her pain are critical factors in John’s fascinating story, and she delivers on the character during the little on-screen time she is given. With another fifteen minutes dedicated to her character, the story would have been truly complete.
Whether or not you love the story, you can’t help but walk out of A Beautiful Mind with respect for the frailty of the human mind, admiration for the courage of John Nash, Jr., and esteem for the performance of Russell Crowe.
So, pack away the cases for a couple of hours, grab a friend and go see this movie. And, don’t read any other reviews before you get there!