10 Great Gift Ideas

1. What HBS-er or partner couldn’t use a few pointers? Give a golf lesson or a package of golf lessons. The recipient can cash in when spring returns and cases are lighter.

2. Don’t forget electronics. Make sure your loved one has the latest: PDA, MP3 player, cell phone, or digital camera.

3. Make theme or hobby baskets. For the golf lover, fill with golf balls, tees and club covers. For a Tex-Mex theme, fill a basket with chips, salsa, margarita mix, tequila and glasses!

4. Give a gift that comes all year long: a subscription to a favorite magazine.

5. Make a custom CD. Burn your favorite holiday tunes or the latest hits on a CD for friends and family. Create custom covers for your CD.

6. Give relaxation. Select aromatherapy candles or lotions. Package them with a neck rest pillow. Or, for the stressed and uptight, give a gift certificate for a massage or a spa treatment.

7. For HBS-travelers, make them a travel kit. Fill a nice zipper case with a travel clock, and travel size products you know they will need.

8. For the domestic, give cookies (homemade) with the recipe and a neat cookie cutter or baking sheet.

9. For wine connoisseurs, you can give a wine journal (available through specialty wine shops like (wineenthusiast.com). It includes label removers and a sheet to record impressions of tasted wines.

10. Give entertainment. Take advantage of Boston’s cultural scene and give tickets to the theater, ballet, a concert or play.