B’Well B’School

Photo by Tom Brunberg on Unsplash

A group of health and wellness enthusiasts launch a brand new HBS student club

Marin Bergman, Contributor
Alex Oates, Contributor
Monika Berankyte, Women Leadership Editor

Now more than ever, focusing on health and wellness has become a staple for staying sane in our new day-to-day.  As many elements of our lives continue to change, we have noticed a pull towards healthy living, whether through at-home workouts, herbal remedies, clean products within our homes, or emotional grounding through meditation and self-care techniques.  When it came time to sign up for clubs during the Fall 2020 Fair, a small group of partners (myself, Abi Phillip, Alex Oates, and Courtney Strauss) got together as we noticed a  gap in this space. “Where’s the club for lovers of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop? How can I connect with others that are addicted to Poosh? Where is my plant-based crew at?”.  This small group began a group chat, which developed into gatherings, and now in 2021, the start of the Harvard Business School Health and Wellness Club.

You may be thinking, “do you just sit around and read blogs?” No, not in the least. Of course, “The Club,” as we fondly refer to, is keen on discussing new trends in the health and wellness space, gathering for in-person and virtual wellness events, hearing from expert speakers and pioneers in the industry, but we have got even more up our sleeves. Did you know global wellness is a $4.5 trillion market? 

Our access to entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space will support our members’ goals, whether they want to learn more about the industry or possibly launch their own start-up. If you are a health and wellness hobbyist, interested in learning more about trends, looking into the wellness space as a future entrepreneur, or want to sign up for one of our fantastic events such as private yoga practices, local chef sponsored cooking classes, or The Great HBS H&W Bake-Off, join us! And as if you needed more reason to join HBS’s newest and healthiest club, there will be no dues for the spring semester!

B’Well B’School!

Marin Bergman is originally from Los Angeles, CA but most recently moved to Cambridge from Stamford, CT where she has lived for the past 4 years with her husband Eric Bergman (MBA ’22) and their dog Del. Marin loves to cook, watch bad reality television with a glass of wine, and go on pizza crawls.

Alex Oates, partner of Tyler Oates (MBA ’22), is one of four co-founders of the Health and Wellness Club, as well as Co-President Elect of the Crimson Parents Club. Alex is a mom of two sweet toddler girls you may see running across Schwartz lawn on any given day, as well as a Meeting and Events consultant for HelmsBriscoe. Originally from Michigan, Alex and her family have spent the last four years in Germany, and love travel and a good bottle of wine among friends.

Monika Berankyte (MBA ’22) is from Lithuania and lived in London prior to coming to HBS. Monika is a whole-foods plant-based enthusiast, who loves the outdoors and swimming in particular. She describes her happy place as reading an exciting book coupled with fresh mint tea.