Illustrations from a Harvard Dorm Room

Josephine Tan, Contributor

Josephine Tan (MBA ’21) gives us her take on the RC year through her drawings.

I have always found it easier to express myself with drawings than with words. According to my mum, I picked up my first pen when I was two and I have been marking surfaces and getting my hands full of ink ever since. I draw when I’m happy, sad, lonely, embarrassed, angry, and excited and when I cannot find words to describe how I feel. Drawing allows me to share an unfiltered account of my emotions.

Upon arriving at HBS, I was faced with new experiences, which often resulted in an overwhelming range of emotions. I found it hard to express those emotions and so I turned to my sketchpad and started drawing. These illustrations soon found their way to my sectionmates and I found that there’s comfort, affirmation and validation in sharing, and it also helped me realise that I am not alone.

Josephine Tan (MBA ’21) is from Section E. When she’s not scrambling to finish her case readings, she can be found drawing in her dorm room. You can find her works on instagram @so_jt.