EC Class to Submit Mandatory FIELD Reflections following Weekend Trips

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Harby, Satirical Advice Columnist

In a bold revamp of the Elective Curriculum, the HBS Student Academic Committee has decided that starting in the spring semester, FIELD reflections will be mandatory following every weekend trip that EC students undertake. Students who travel everywhere from Stowe to Sweden will now be required to submit reflections on their personal journeys as they relate to the physical journey undertaken weekend after weekend. Failure to submit more than three will result in automatic academic probation.

Said MBA Program Chair Jan Rivkin (PhDBE ’97) about this move, “We realized that when students don’t come to classes, you take the classes to the student. Weekend after weekend, our students add on to their debt, and we believe it surely must be motivated by the desire to learn at least a little bit.

“There is no place to learn the lessons from FIELD like when you’re in the field. Oktoberfest was a perfect example of this: 80% of ECs skipped Friday classes to attend. Surely there was some motivation to explore the TOM of the Biergartens, appreciate the LEAD values that informal trek organizers exhibited, wonder about the Strategy dilemmas on picking pints versus flights, and awe at the balance-of-payments effects of a massive influx of drunken American dollars for one month. Consequently, we have decided to provide an avenue for students to formalize those learnings by submitting FIELD reflections every time they skip class for a trip.”

The move has been met with excitement by some students and trepidation by others.

“I didn’t feel like I’d completely exhausted my ability to drunkenly journal some BS with FIELD and LEAD last year,” said Vaughn Abhi Baker. “Now I can justify why I go on these overpriced trips.”

At the same time, other students have expressed anxiety about the increase on an already exhausting workload.

“Reading three cases a day really takes away from the time I could be spending at Barry’s Bootcamp,” said Tek Bruh of Section S. “Now I’ll have to cancel one of the two pregames I usually attend to get this done.”

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