Start Up Corner: Eloops

Adam Shpiro, Contributor

This month we meet Eloops, a mobile app and web-based platform to help companies better engage their employees and allow them to connect with one another.

What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
Having an engaged, happy and well-connected workforce is critical for any organization. Companies with remote and/or ‘desk-less’ employees (retail, maintenance services, for example) suffer from having the least engaged employees, leading to high staff turnover, and lower productivity and profitability.

What is your solution?
We developed a mobile app and web-based platform to help companies better engage their employees and allow them to connect with one another. We are focusing on organizations with remote or ‘desk-less’ employees because this is the area with the greatest pain-point. The application is designed around the employee and is an employee benefit rather than a task. It has multiple features centered around engagement, internal communication, and training/education.

What was the inspiration behind Eloops?
In it’s previous incarnation, the startup was an app for corporate events. We realized through customer interaction, that we can build out a more sophisticated product that can solve a greater need on an ongoing basis for our customers, rather than serving them on an ad-hoc basis. Customers were asking us if they can use the app beyond the function or activity for which it was sold to them. So we made Eloops, a subscription service to a mobile platform that employees love to use, and that provides great value to management and HR.

Who is the team behind Eloops?
I have 4 co-founders back home in Israel – Idan, Sharon, Naor and Tal. We are a pretty tech-heavy team in the sense that we have the in-house capability to do all the code and design. Idan is our CEO and the glue that brought the group together, he and I are friends since our early teens years in the International School of Brussels, Belgium.

How did you get started? (at HBS, or prior to B-School?)
We got started in 2015 with Appyvent which was the previous app we built. Eloops was technically born in early 2017 after a major pivot.

What’s next?
We are currently raising a seed round which will help us hire a team and focus on marketing & sales, particularly as we look to expand our customer base in the US market.

Adam Shpiro (MBA ’18) began his career as a management consultant in London before joining a family office with investments in the Caribbean and Africa, working for several years across Southern Africa. He returned home (Tel Aviv) to work in early-stage Venture Capital before coming to HBS in 2016.