FIN3: The Investment Club

Dennis Chua, Contributor

The Investment Club is glad to have the ECs back on campus and extends a warm welcome to the new RCs.

Who We Are
The Investment Club is a career and social club, with a mission to improve members’ understanding of investment management; to help members develop practical investment skills; to create superior career access in the industry; and to create a community of HBS students who share an interest in and passion for investing.
The club is also proud of our extensive alumni network, with fund managers, analysts, and partners from every flavor of investment management including hedge funds, mutual funds, activist funds, asset management firms, family offices, and many more.

“FIN3” Syllabus
FIN1 and FIN2 are staple finance classes at HBS, but being a part of the Investment Club (“FIN3”) will help you translate some of the theory in the classroom to practical investing in the real world. The Investment Club organizes regular events throughout the school year aimed at education, career, and community-building. Below are some of the more exciting events in our Fall and early Spring line-up.

Alpha Fund: The Alpha Fund is a carve-out of Harvard’s endowment and is actively managed by members of the Investment Club leadership. The fund meets every other week and is a platform for club members to present and defend a stock pitch to the Investment Committee. These regular meetings facilitate idea generation, help students perfect their pitches, and build a tight community of students who are excited about personal investing.

Investment Conference: One of the club’s marquee events is the annual HBS Investment Conference. Last year, over 400 students and professional investors from across the U.S. packed Spangler Auditorium, with an additional waitlist of over 450 people. The audience was excited to hear from legendary value investors such as Seth Klarman and Li Lu, renowned activists such as Cliff Robbins, and quantitative investing prodigy Peter Brown (who also convinced IBM to build DeepBlue). The 2019 Conference is expected to set a new record in speakers and attendance. There will also be a stock pitch contest added to the program – for the bold and aspiring investors among us, this will be a great opportunity to share investment ideas with a panel of professional judges and take home valuable advice and prizes.

Investment Treks: The club will be organizing treks to visit renowned investors in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and potentially Chicago, London, and Omaha. Some examples of funds that we visited last year include ValueAct, Farallon, Maverick, Elliott Management, D.E. Shaw, Himalaya Capital, Fidelity, and many more. The treks offer an exclusive and intimate setting to get to know these successful investors, discuss their investment philosophies, and hopefully gain some sage wisdom.

Women in Investing: One of the major goals of the Investment Club is to improve female representation in the investment management industry. We aim to support women by organizing several dedicated professional and social events such as “Pitch Practice Wine & Cheese,” fireside chats with female investment professionals, small-group dinners, and so on.

Aside from our conference and treks, the club will host several programs throughout the year to educate members on the industry, assist with recruiting efforts, and foster a sense of community. On the educational front, we plan to arrange an EC/RC mentorship program, stock pitch 101 session, and resume review and mock interviews. In addition, the Club regularly invites leading investors and thought leaders for exclusive speaker/panel events – we are already expecting Seth Klarman (Baupost Group), David Abrams (Abrams Capital), and many more this year. We also plan to facilitate our members’ participation in more stock pitch competitions, including the upcoming Darden and Booth competitions.
Finally, the Investment Club is the first touchpoint for funds to share job and internship opportunities and host intimate networking events. Many of our members have historically been introduced to their internships or jobs either directly or indirectly through the club and our activities.

Buying Your First Stock?
We look forward to seeing our members at the upcoming Investment Club General Assembly on October 3. In the meantime, if you have questions about investing, our co-presidents, Dennis Chua and Delaney Martin, are always available at your convenience.
The Investment Club wishes our members and the rest of the student body all the best for the 2018-2019 school year!

Dennis Chua (HBS’ 19) is an investor and technology enthusiast. He is the co-president of both the Investment Club and Tech Club, and co-chaired the Investment Conference and WesTrek. Prior to HBS, Dennis did investing at D.E. Shaw, and investment banking at Goldman Sachs. He spent this summer at Tiger Management and Triarii Capital. Dennis received a B.Sc., summa cum laude, Tau Beta Pi, in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from Cornell University. In his free time, he enjoys thrillers and road trips.