Student Association President Handover Takes Place

To our classmates,

As of March 20th 2017, we have officially transitioned the SA presidency to Angelica Castellanos and Kevin Ferguson. We have the utmost confidence in both Angie and Kevin and wish the two of them – and their new team – a very successful year in the SA.

When we were elected to serve the student body, our overall goal was to make HBS a little smaller, even friendlier, and a more inclusive place for all. In fact, the foundation of every single one of our SA initiatives was rooted in the tenets of community, inclusion, and voice. Whether you had an exchange with a classmate at one of our Campus Conversations, enjoyed lunch from the food trucks in Spangler Lot, joined us for a TGIF, blood drive, or Holidazzle, or felt encouraged to make personal wellness a bigger priority, we sincerely hope that the SA has been able to positively contribute to your HBS experience.

The SA’s efforts were only possible because of the dedication of our executive team, who worked tirelessly to make HBS a place we can all be proud of. We are extremely grateful for the creativity, hard work, and passion that fueled this team’s many accomplishments. Thank you for your leadership.

We would also like to thank the SA Senate, Julie Scully, Marissa Ornelas and Kyle Van Kooten (SA Products Office), Samuel Odamah and Mike Murphy (SAS), Anita Elberse, Rob Huckman, V.G. Narayanan, Jana Kierstead, and Felix Oberholzer-Gee for ongoing support and encouragement throughout the year.

Even though Angie and Kevin are now running the show, we wanted to sneak in one last plug for an exciting SA event coming up soon. Our inaugural SA Inclusion Symposium takes place the first week in April and will be a chance for our community to come together for a range of events including an international food fair, film screening, thought-provoking discussions, and a hackathon with Airbnb. More information and a schedule of events can be found here – please join us!

We remain, as always, so proud to be members of this community. It has been an honor to serve all of you.

With gratitude,
LaToya & Libby

*Our sincere thanks to the 2016-17 SA Executive Team*
Chief Operating Officer: Andrew O’Connor
Chief Community Officer: Deepika Thakur
Chief Development Officer: Tina Liu
Chief Events Officers: Ankit Saraf & Smitha Boyd
Chief Financial Officer: Aravind Krishnan
Chief Inclusion Officers: DeJeune O’Garro & Quinn Fitzgerald
Chief Marketing Officer: Erica Son
Chief Technology Officer: Brandon Kaufmann
Chief Wellness Officer: Meg McGuire
Head Senator: Rafael Rivera
VP Community: Adzmel Adznan & Zhihan Ma
VP Development: Caitlin Carmichael
VP Events: Paige Donnelly
VP Inclusion: Duwain Pinder & Sasha Pang