Spotlight on the life at “Jarbard”: The LatAm Club

Bárbara Garcia Rey

The HBS LatAm Club seeks to provide a strong and engaging community for people who share a passion for Latin America and identify with the region’s core values. The club aims to represent the Latin American region on campus, promote its business and culture, and identify career opportunities for MBA students as it develops a strong network and becomes a source for job opportunities in LatAm. Our community of more than 300 students and partners, has a shape of its own, and it

 is made up by not only those that were born from the Patagonia to Tijuana but by the Portuguese that knows Spanish, the Serbian-Canadian that likes reggaetón, the American that loves tequila, the Indian that interned in Peru, and so many others that have realized that they identified with the need to feel as part of something.

We are all different and that is what makes our community so strong. There are 20 countries that officially belong to the denominated “Latin American region”. Almost 640 million people live in these 20 countries over 7.5 million squared miles, 13% of the world’s surface area, are that is without considering the Hispanic Portugal and Spain. Although Spanish and Portuguese are the predominant languages, there are over 800 different languages that are spoken across the region and heritages from all around the world range from Africa to Europe. We do not share a common culture with which we can clearly identify by, we do not share customs or ideologies. We share our spirit, which strengthens our union into our very core.

Led by a diverse set of students from all around the region, our flagship events include the LatAm Fall Retreat, the Great Gatsby Welcome-Back Party, the Staff Appreciation Christmas Dinners, plus many others. This past weekend, the 20th Latin American Conference at Harvard Business School successfully took place which consistently features a group of successful government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, social leaders, and faculty members that, like us, share a deep commitment to fostering social and economic growth in the region. 

But it is important to note that the LatAm Club’s goes beyond its events and activities. The key to the Club’s success is the environment of support, understanding, and loyalty that it provides, as we walk together through this constantly iterating evolution process called “the MBA”, building long lasting relationships to help each other lead the positive changes that Latin America needs.