HBS Show’s Cabaret Sells out Back-to-Back Performances at Oberon Theater

On Wednesday, November 29, The Cabaret sold out two smashing back-to-back performances at the American Repertory Theater’s OBERON. The edgy and eclectic show featured 22 diverse students and partners in a masterfully interwoven bouquet of song, dance, standup, storytelling, musical saw, and glow poi to creatively address what we’re actually thinking but don’t talk about — “truths untold” about HBS life hiding in plain sight. We laughed, we cried, and we drank. For a fun twist, tastefully themed cocktails were available at the in-theater bar including “Truth Serum,” a vodka-lime and ginger beer concoction and “A Girl’s Best Friend,” a citrusy tequila drink with a salt-rim. The Cabaret is an HBS-original production in its second year running under the HBS Show umbrella. The Cabaret was produced and directed by Raphael Roesler, Kelly O’Grady, Amira Polack, John Swisher, and Geoffrey Cheung, and starred Laura Barnes, Alexandra Barton, Dilan Gomih, Siddharth Jhawar, Nancy Jin, Katy Kasser, Michal Leszczynski, Sumit Malik, Juan Quiroga Ponce, Nick Piromsawat, D.R. Rockwell, Anna Tenuta, Chad Trausch, Shannon Wood, Sharif Vakili, Gil Valdes, Rain Zhang, and Jess Zhao.

Description: Amira Polack
Photo credit: Geoffrey Cheung