Candidate Statement for HBS Co-Presidents: Kevin Ferguson & Angelica Castellanos










We (Kevin Ferguson & Angelica Castellanos) are excited to share why we are the ideal pair to serve as your next Co-Presidents! Over the past week, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with many of you and share our vision to strengthen our community, host EPIC Fun events and enhance career and academic opportunities. More importantly, we have shared pain points we plan to tackle such as creating spaces to take professional calls and providing covered bike parking. Additionally, we plan to host public speaking coaches to work with students on their presentation and public speaking skills. Our Alumni-Lunch n’ Learn series will ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn from experienced HBS’ers in any industry of interest while strengthening their professional network.

Generating great ideas alone is not enough. You need two individuals who are going to listen to you, have a diplomatic approach when working with administrators and are going to ensure your financial resources are invested in projects and initiatives that bring the most value to you. We have the temperament, commitment and experience to deliver on enhancing your time at HBS!

Prior to business school, I (Angelica) worked in operations, managed various budgets as a non-profit board member and organized events for over 2,500 people. I personally know what it’s like being an international student at HBS and understand the uncertainties we face. Kevin and I believe it is of the utmost importance to expand career opportunities and advocate for policies that ensure HBS remains a global learning community.

Prior to business, I (Kevin) worked with school administrators, small business owners, and local government officials as a non-profit founder to raise funds to enhance STEM education in rural Alabama. Additionally, I’ve had the privilege of representing a student body and addressing their concerns. Experiences such as these that will be vital as Angelica and I work with the administration to be responsive to students’ needs.

We would love to have your support and look forward to representing you! Our ultimate goal is to implement ideas that create long-term value for our community. Please check-out our website to learn more about our platform. Vote Kevin & Angelica on February 22!

password: hbs2017