Success at the Energy Symposium 2014

The Energy Symposium 2014, hosted by the HBS Energy & Environment Club, was held on the Harvard Business School campus this past Saturday, October 18th. The event was a tremendous success and has sparked engaging conversations about the pivotal challenges the world faces in regards to energy and the environment. The Twitter World was tweeting up quite a storm on Saturday, and below are our “Top 10 Tweets” from the Energy Symposium that are urging people to think about the changing landscape of energy. Check out what others are saying via the @HBSEnergyClub Twitter handle and by searching #hbses and #energyweekend.

    Top 10 Tweets:

fjoseav @fjoseav
“The name of the game is Collaboration…” Nadeem Anwar at the #hbses #energyweekend

HBS Energy Club @HBSEnergyClub
Future energy investment portfolios can have a longer time horizons than a typical VC…up to 15+ years in the future –StrategicVC #hbses

Tom_Owens @tomowens06 Oct 18
@bruneski tells biz students that the future of energy has to be 100% clean bc of climate realities. Well done sir! #energyweekend #hbses

HBS Energy Club @HBSEnergyClub
Conventional fresh water supply dwindling. Look to desalination, recycle, & other more exotic methods – Water Panel #hbses #energyweekend

Nicole Rennalls @nrennalls
“Water is free, but you pay for the conversion [into potable water]” @HBSEnergyClub #energyweekend #hbses

Elizabeth Barno @ElizabethBarno
Focus on fundamentals & find an industry that you’re passionate about changing- lessons for startups from @HarvardHBS #hbses roundtable

HBS Energy Club @HBSEnergyClub
Only <1/2 of shale wells over past half decade yield attractive commercial returns #hbses #energyweekend HBS Energy Club @HBSEnergyClub
To what extent would proliferation of energy storage come with financial / biz model innovation vs tech innovation? #hbses #energyweekend

Tara Shirvani @Tara_Shi
Experts are rethinking subsea technology to avoid another macando oil spill #energyweekend #hbses @HBSEnergyClub

Lionel Pailloncy @lionelpailloncy
Tara Shirvani, World Bank “about 1.2 billion people live with no access to energy.” #hbses #energyweekend