Top Ten Ways to Stay Sane During RC Year

Top Ten Ways to Stay Sane During RC Year:


1)   Class Preparation:  The case-method is one of the most important traditions of the Harvard Business School experience, but mastering the art of the case method in class is challenging.  First off, overdress.  This gesture will increase your classmates’ perception of your intelligence regardless of your preparation in addition to offsetting your post LatAm party blank stare.  Second, practice clapping.  Building stamina in this activity will help you persevere as the school year moves forward.  Last, piggyback on yourself.  Referencing your own comments from previous classes is a good way to establish credibility and repertoire throughout the year.

2)   Networking:  You have just now merged with 900 new faces.  Leveraging information you found on classcards during first-time encounters will create an opportune reaction from the other party increasing your odds of a lasting relationship.  As a follow-up, be sure to add your new connection to your Google+ circle.

3)   Company presentations:  Dress the part.  But don’t get there for the beginning.  Walk in at the end when you hear clapping.  Grab enough appetizers to count as dinner.  Go find the main speaker.  Mention how great the presentation was being sure to include the words disruptive innovation as you shake his/her hand.  Be sure to put your business card in your palm prior to shaking.  Leave promptly.

4)   Get off campus and explore the city:  There are a multitude of things to do in the city in terms of outdoor activities, sporting events, historical sites, and new restaurants to try.  If you are in the mood for a good new restaurant/bar in the city I would recommend John Harvard’s, Russell House Tavern, Grafton St., Tommy Doyles, or an international eatery called The Hong Kong on the corner of two streets you probably don’t know the name of.

5)   Maximize your free time: Use of the tunnels will avoid casual conversations that fill your day with unnecessary details of another’s life.  I encourage the use of headphones while walking.  No ipod?  Easy, just shove the end of the cord in your free pocket.  “Oh you want to talk?  Oh sorry, Bieber is killing it right now.  Got to run.” (Cue Entry into Tunnel).

6)   Join a club:  And another club.  And another club.  And another club.  And another club.  And another club.  And another club.  And another club.  At $35 per resume boost you can’t go wrong.  I would encourage joining new clubs, such as Section X.

7)   Eat a regular diet: Spangler has a lovely rotating selection of International food choices, such as Wisconsin.  I recommend a juice cleanse at least once a month.  To do this, buy your favorite kind of juice.  Go home.  And then pour it on yourself in the shower.

8)   Intramural sports:  Limiting the amount of swear words you use on the refs (your classmates) will set you apart.  If you find yourself at the bottom of the football depth chart you should probably start getting good at ping-pong.  If you find yourself playing intramural sports, go ahead and schedule a doctor’s appointment now for your pending injury.  Signing up for the captain slot of a team will ensure 1/3 of your section condemns you for lack of playing time, 1/3 will be upset with you for losing, and 1/3 will have no idea there is an intramural team.

9)   Social calendars:  An ideal schedule will have limitations, as in just one Euro-party per week.  If the doorman at The Kong gives you an unsolicited high-five as you walk past him you’re doing it wrong.

10)  Read the New York Times:  Because apparently they know more about this school than we do.

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