Revenge of the Nerds: HBS Hockey’s B Team Wins Big at Tuck Tournament

Sometimes it takes the loss of a leader for a team to become champions.

Last weekend, the HBS Hockey A and B teams were champions at Dartmouth’s Tuck Hockey Tournament in Hanover, NH. While the A team lost two very close games in their final minutes, the B team overcame a short bench and key injuries to claim a dramatic shootout win and a tournament victory.


The B Team secured the coveted Tinder Cup with three dominant performances. EC Mass-hole Samuel Burke (OA) scored the shootout tournament winner against a bearded Vermont Law squad, partially fulfilling his three-goal promise to injured veteran Centerman Eric Adamson (OI), who was brutally upended in the second period of the final game. “How do you fill an unfillable void? How do you replace a leader of that caliber? You don’t,” Burke reflected. “I’ve always looked up to Eric, so I was just trying to make him proud. We all were.”

Matt Cross (OH) scored the goal of the tournament, a one-timer from Zahid Kassam (OF) and Adamson. Mike Diverio (OA) came in close second with a fearless end-to-end goal powered exclusively by at least 5, and potentially up to 15 hours of energy. Diverio celebrated his Ironman Top-Scorer A and B performances by performing his patented “Champagne Tebow” in the locker room, in honor of his fiancée.


In the Friday night opener, HBS’s talented A team shot out to a 2-0 lead in front of what must have been almost all of Tuck’s student body, amounting to upwards of 180 fans decked out in personalized green jerseys, and one Russian bro who had colored his entire face in permanent marker. Brilliant offensive play from Nate Miller (NH) helped to fuel the scoring. Unfortunately, the Tuck squad battled back, scoring a late go-ahead goal with 2 minutes remaining in the final period, holding on for a 3-2 victory. The next morning, the team lost another heartbreaker to Tuck Alumni in a shootout, despite brilliant offensive contributions from Alex Kleiner (NA). Co-captains Theodore Chestnut (OC) and Steve Bruch (OF) led admirably in the squad’s decimation of Cornell in their third game.


Post-tournament, Japanese Drinking Rules were in effect courtesy of sassy standout Bunsho Kure (OB). The team successfully made friends with local police officers, legendary bar owners, and Tuckies with their charm, wit, and Otto Magdanz’s (NJ) engineering moxie to convert the Tinder Cup into an adult beverage container. Many thanks were given to Wade Coggin, stand-in B Team goalie, for his goalie skills and for his fiancee’s “wingmanning” capabilities. The team next plays at Ivey in London, Ontario before returning for the MacArthur Cup, April 4-6 on Harvard campus.