For the Love of Missing Out

How was your day today? Did you make the brown bag lunch with Professor Xavier, catch that talk by the CEO of ShamWow, schmooze at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club Ice Cream Social, fit in boat races at the Boathouse for section drinks, and drop by the Black, White, Yellow, Pink, and Periwinkle parties…all with a three-case day tomorrow?

Easy there, Arthur Moreno. You might have a full-blown case of FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”), and we’re just a bit concerned that if you keep this up, you’re going to lose the bounce in your cranberry.

While FOMO is treatable, be wary of quack remedies. For example, dating a sectionmate has been alleged to alleviate FOMO. Although going steady with that special guy/gal in worm deck gives you a coveted free pass to watch Breaking Bad together in your Cheetos-stained sweatpants, please proceed cautiously. Possible side effects include awkward breakup, marriage, and/or more FOMO.
There is, however, a condition that naturally offsets the symptoms of FOMO. It’s an epidemic that broadly affects a large population of second-years. It’s the phenomenon of LOMO* (“Love of Missing Out” or more technically, Lomo Slowyourrollitis).

As two LOMO-afflicted ECs, we, Tara and Nate, aren’t looking for a cure. In fact, we’ve never felt better! We interviewed…ourselves, to find out more.

Nate and Tara: So what does LOMO feel like?

N: LOMO is like a power-up once you get to the EC level of the game. You’re Super Mario who just scored a star and became invincible (to the peer pressures of Luigi and Yoshi guilt tripping you to come to Daedelus, or of Princess Peach hanging out with Bowser at Liberty Hotel without you — but that’s another story…is she that worth it, bro?)

Nate and Tara: Can you turn FOMO into LOMO?
T: Studies show that constant social media reminders increase FOMO.  Supposedly, the 108th fratty picture on your section GroupMe makes you think you might be missing out.  So I considered replacing all of my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and MySpace accounts to only show a constant stream of pictures reminding me of my real hobbies: creating a business plan for a relaunch of Jurassic Park (now that I have taken LEAD, I think I can make this dino park work) and petitioning my section senator to install frozen yogurt dispensers at all water fountains in Aldrich,  but then #LOMO, I realized I’m too lazy to create new social media accounts. I figure my time is better spent keeping up with the Kardashians.  Is no one else keeping track of this Khloe and Lamar situation?

Nate and Tara: How can RCs apply the concepts of LOMO to their lives?

T & N: As you would say to your professor when you don’t know the answer to something, “it depends!” In classic HBS style, we created a tool to help RCs determine what’s worth doing and what’s not even worth considering – a 2×2 Matrix!!




All of this ranting to say – Don’t you think it’s odd that we got into HBS because we all supposedly have rich personal stories and unique, interesting passions that set us apart, and yet when we came here, we’re quick to want to fit in and aimlessly attend every event possible?  So don’t feel guilty about taking a night off from the deluge of “must-go-to” events to indulge your quirky love of updating Wikipedia pages.

Anyway, we’re late to catch tail end of the McBainCG recruiting event before heading to the Small Group Dinner Pre-party for the EuroClub Party.  Pfff, #LOMO, we’re rolling right into the next episode of “Portlandia.”  Seeya!

*Credit for creating the term “LOMO” goes to Kristen Young (OI) who made it up at the 9/6/2013 TGIF.