OB’s Strong Showing at SA-Cup Swim Meet Yields 7 Gold Medals and the EC title

Men’s 50 Free in action. Taken by: Anne Waters

The SA-Cup’s first HBS Swim Meet drew over 170 competitors across the RC and EC sections along with a large, enthusiastic crowd. The day was filled with amazing athletic feats, exciting races, cheers, a belly-flop or two, and quotes like “Hey, I just came to see the Speedos.”

NE started off the day with a narrow victory over NH in the 200 Yard RC Medley Relay. These two sections would battle back and forth throughout the day. OB took the EC event with a blazing and meet-best time of 2 minutes.

For the individual events, there were several outstanding performances. Among them was Rick Eddy with his Men’s 50 Breaststroke Gold & Men’s 50 Backstroke Gold that helped NE battle back against NH’s extremely deep team led by Fiet Stegger (Men’s 100 Individual Medley Gold & Men’s 100 Freestyle Silver) and Brandis Johnson (Women’s 50 Breaststroke and Women’s 100 Freestyle Silver). Getting into the mix was NB’s Dan Oliver with his Men’s 50 Freestyle Gold and his 100 Freestyle Gold that he inched out over Stegger.

In the EC individual events, OB’s Aly Spencer (100 Individual Medly Gold & 50 Breaststroke Gold) and Anne Waters (50 Butterfly Gold & 100 Freestyle Gold) helped lead their strong section to the title. OD’s Adam Oliver impressed the crowd with his 100 Individual Medley Gold and his 50 Butterfly Gold.

There was cheering throughout all of the exciting races but the crowd became especially exuberant as it cheered on Tee Chayakul (who stepped up for NJ at the last moment) in his valiant effort to complete the exhausting 100 free.

The meet ended with the 200 Freestyle Relay where NE fought back once more with the gold medal, but NH’s wins in the previous individual events allowed it to edge out the victory. In the EC heat, we saw OB’s speedsters in action as they claimed their second relay gold of the day.

Thanks to all who participated – get ready for Badminton Feb 26th!


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