Harbus Offers Costume Tips for Halloween Procrastinators

The big SA Halloween party is fast approaching, and between classes, Shad sessions and weekend travel, it’s been difficult to get your October 31 act together. We get it. Here are four quick and easy costumes you can pull off, with a little help from our good friend Amazon Prime.

1. Unemployed Big Bird
Debate fodder this year has been endlessly entertaining. but this gem from round one of Obama vs. Romney is still our favorite. Wear all yellow and an “Unemployed” sign around your neck. Then, use a permanent marker to draw circles on two ping pong balls (Big Bird’s eyes) and glue them to a headband to top off your look.

2. Katniss Everdeen
We dominated the Harvard Square theater last March on the opening night of “The Hunger Games,” so we know there are plenty of Panem fans on this campus. Order a Mockingjay pin online, braid your hair, wear dark clothes and sturdy boots. Bow and arrow optional. Bonus: Enlist section mates to be Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, Effie and Cinna.

3. Superheroes
Between Spider-Man, the Dark Knight and the Avengers this summer, you’ve got at least a dozen comic book characters turned blockbuster movie stars to choose from. Pick up a ready-made costume for about $70, or hit up American Apparel in the square to style your own Captain America or Batman.

4. Gangnam Style
Black sunglasses, a suit and a combover will transform you into PSY, the hopefully-a-one-hit-wonder South Korean singer of fall’s most intoxicating hit song. Ride that pony!