Short-handed HBS Rugby Team Falls to New London RFC, Heads to Montreal to Face McGill

2011-2012 HBS Rugby Team
2011-2012 HBS Rugby Team

By now you’ve all heard rumors of a recent Thursday-night social event at Tommy Doyle’s that was so crowded, so much fun, so full of amazingly talented dudes that the dazzling details of the event are not allowed to be written in the pages of this fine periodical.  While some fortunate souls were lucky enough to have been in attendance on that brilliant autumn night, others have been straining their ears and lurking in the shadows replica breitling, hoping to catch wind of the details of the soiree and, better yet, to receive an invite to the next event that will be hosted by the rugged men known only as the HBS Rugby Football Club.  While I cannot disclose any details of future such events at this time, I am fortunate to be able to provide you with the following:  a recap of one of their rare moments of defeat that recently took place in New London, Connecticut.

On a cool Saturday afternoon that saw all EC members of the team absent for their section retreat, a handful of RC players and their teammates from the greater Harvard graduate student community traveled SOUTH (emphasized for inside joke) to take on the New London men’s team in a hard-fought away match.  While most mortals would have seen the disappearance of the EC players as a disadvantage, the RC players saw the opening as an opportunity to put their newly-learned FIELD skills into action, and hastily put together a make-shift HBS side made up of the eight HBS Rugby players who showed up, five undergrads from Eastern Connecticut and two players from a local high school.

Making their first appearance of their HBS Rugby careers were RCs Erik Sparks (NE), Matt Lesniak (NH), Vince Ho-Tin-Noe (NH), and Ned Chiverton (NI), all of whom brought fierce tackling and ball-handling skills to the pitch.  Early on, the scrappy HBS defense bent against New London, but did not break.  As time ticked by, however, New London scored back-to-back tries, and slowly pulled ahead of HBS.  Eventually, New London’s experience won out over HBS’s determination, and the noble men of Aldrich and Spangler fell to the home team.

Man of the match for HBS was awarded to Calvin “I have a tattoo of Vermont but I’m from Connecticut” Richardson, and the award for best piece of field flair went to Lesniak (aka “Samson”) for his John McEnroe-esque sweatband.  Following the game, both teams retreated to the fine New England public house known as “Hot Rods,” for songs, beer, and chicken wings — the staple of every rugger’s diet.

Over the upcoming Columbus Day Holiday weekend, the HBS Rugby Team will participate in its first cultural immersion experience of the year, as it travels to Montreal, Canada.  There, the ruggers will play a friendly match against McGill University.  Throughout the weekend, the HBS men will participate in several nights of cultural exchange with local university students and residents of the town as part of their quest to learn why some refer to Montreal as the “City of Saints.”  Following the trip, a full dissertation on the subject will be forthcoming by Edward “Fast Eddie” Brandler (OH).

The men of the HBS Rugby Football Club thank you for your early support this season replica watches uk, and look forward to seeing everyone at home games and social events throughout the fall semester.

Officers of this year’s team are:  Derek Poppinga (OF), Co-Captain & Co-President; Jonas Peter Akins (OF), Co-President; Vusumuzi “Fats” Dlamini (OI), Co-Captain; Dave Patterson (OI), Director of Sponsorship; Rob LeBlanc, (OA), CFO; Cameron Johnson (OG), Match Secretary; Regan Turner (NG), Co-Social Chair & Harbus Rep; Josh Walton (GSAS), Co-Social Chair; Tanner Amdur-Clark (HLS), Co-Alumni Chair; Brandon Bentley (GSAS), Tour Director; Brendan Picha, Webmaster.



 Regan Turner ‘13 is a member of the MBA/MPP joint-degree program at Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School, and a proud member of Section G.