If you’re like me, you dread the part of an interview when you get asked, “Any questions for me?” Save the “What’s your firm’s culture like” or “How has the recession affected business?” for the person who is not going to get the offer.

Instead, ask a targeted question. Spark the attention of the partner interviewing you for Bain’s San Francisco office by asking about Bain’s involvement in the recently announced Oakland charter schools partnership and how consultants are getting involved. Show that you’ve done your homework and you’re truly engaged.

Easy, right? But how do you pick up these golden nuggets of information and get the inside scoop on a company that you need? The answer: meet with as many people who have worked at that company as possible! You have an amazing network within the hallowed halls of Aldrich to accomplish this. Your classmates just might be your best resource in the job hunt. Flip through Classcards and have coffee with classmates who have worked at the companies you want to work at (this could even land you a date, as it did me RC year, but I digress). Pick their brain and ask for interesting material that will help you stand out in an interview and ultimately help inform your decision on what job you choose.

The more you know about a company, the more your answers will reflect your interest. The better questions you ask, the more the interviewer gets involved, which is always a good sign because they love to hear themselves talk!

But what if you’ve exhausted Classcards looking for someone who matches your criteria and alumni won’t return your email? Take solace in the fact that there’s a service just for you. Go to www.Evisors.com and schedule a time to talk with over 400 current and former employees from over 300 top firms, 60 industries and office locations across six continents. If you think your experience at your previous job would be valuable to others (inside and outside HBS) then please apply to be one of our paid advisors at www.evisors.com/apply.

Author’s Biography
Dan Levy graduated in 2010, and has co-Founded www.evisors.com with 2 other classmates.