20* Questions

Meet Blake!

I am not going to tell you how long it took for me to get this interview from Blake. I don’t want to confirm any stereotypes about people who quote a Nicholas Cage movie as their answer to “words to live by.” But, Blake is a friend of the HARBUS (see February 2010 bachelor profiles) and of mine – and I wouldn’t dream of keeping his New Mexican charm from any readers.

Enjoy getting to know Blake! I’m betting you’ll likely find it difficult to be in any sort of bad mood when he’s around. And this is coming from someone who shared an 8:30 Monday class with him.

Email me (Jasandberg@mba2011.hbs.edu) if you or someone you know would like to be profile or would like to replace me in Blake’s answer to question #10.


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20 questions

1 My name: Blake Woodburn Houghton
2 hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (I often have to clarify that it’s in the US – even had to do that once at UPS)
3 Childhood ambition: To become a pro baseball player or to join a leading consulting firm and create lasting impact
4 Fondest memory: I have 3: Sitting on the back of a school building as a youngin eating my way to the cream center of a cupcake before playing recess football with friends, brother’s wedding, and high school baseball
5 Soundtrack? Gunther and the Sunshine Girls
6 retreat No phone, no computer, no responsibility, great view, a breeze, and a six pack.
7 if I weren’t doing this, I’d be: Running a non-profit – and by that I mean a company that intends to make a profit, just doesn’t quite get there or I would be a producer for the Discovery Channel
8 proudest moment The one time that I showed up to learning team on time – sorry LT 68 (now more appropriately called Social Team 68)
9 biggest challenge Figuring out what I am going to do next weekend/answering 20 questions
10 perfect day Some kind of outdoors thing in the morning (scuba diving, rafting, bear wrestling), followed by an outdoor concert/BBQ with friends, finished with off by being hand fed late night food (like a chicken schwarma/falafel wrap) in a waterbed by Jacquie Sandberg
11 first job? Entrepreneur (sounds much fancier than mowing lawns – E Club, if you need a speaker…have your people call my people)
12 indulgence Homemade Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins (especially if made by Mom)
13 last purchase It was either a 9 iron, ice cubes, or a stuffed rhinoceros – could have also been 5 hour energy…stuff is like crack
14 favorite movie Sandlot – “You’re killing me, smalls!”
15 inspiration In less than a year, I will be working again
16 my life is elite (a word that needs to be used more often)
17 if I won the lottery tomorrow Pretty much exactly what I am doing now – I don’t think I could blow money any faster…I might also buy a helicopter though – it would solve a lot of problems
18 my hero Juan Arena – the most interesting man in the world
19 current ambition To join a leading consulting firm and create lasting impact (never wavered)
20 words to live by Losers always whine about their best, winners go home and #%*$ the prom queen – Sean Connery in The Rock
21* Favorite Ninja Turtle Donatello