The Lighter Side of HBS – HBS Students Torn between Those Who Love Obama and Those Who Really Love Obama

The HBS campus has been torn by an increasingly bitter feud between those students and faculty members who love President Barack Obama, and those students and faculty members who really love President Barack Obama.

According to EC student Nadia Veronga, “If he wasn’t married and I wasn’t already sort of dating this guy in New York, I would marry him in a second. I just really love Obama.” But her view is not shared by the entire campus community.

“Obama is great. I mean, he’s smart, articulate, a great leader. I love him. But I think that he’s trying to raise my taxes, which is not something that somebody who loves you should do to you,” said EC student Phil Mountjoy.

Tensions have been soaring, and an image of the President on CNN in the Spangler Grille nearly brought this simmering issue to a boil on Tuesday night. When RC student Guy Carmenoff began listing the reasons that he really loves Obama, a classmate agreed with him – mostly. “How can you say that you really love Obama, and then say ‘But it’s too soon to tell,’ or ‘But I would like to see how he handles the budget’?” shouted Carmenoff at his classmate. “You can’t say that you really love him, and then turn on him like that!”

Spangler Grille employee Kristin Lovett was able to put the entire episode in historical context. “This reminds me of the ‘Tastes Great’ vs. ‘Less Filling’ battles of the late ’80s,” she said. “Deep down, everyone loved Miller Lite, but there was just so much anger.”

A poll seeking the opinions of those students, faculty, staff, partners and underage dependents who have an average or less-than-average opinion of the President received no responses.
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