HBS Couple Profiles – Hanli Mangun & Jisun Park

Harbus: Tell us about how you met.
Jisun: In the third grade in the Philippines, we went to the same elementary school. Actually, we have done all our schooling together, including college and grad school!
Hanli: We actually went to prom together in high school, but we started seriously dating in college (University of Pennsylvania), and we were married in May of 2007, just before we came here.

Harbus: Once you decided to apply to business school, what was your plan?
Jisun: Hanli decided to apply to school first. I decided to later, after a bad day at work, and applied to the same schools as Hanli. It was nerve wracking, since the schools didn’t know that we were a couple. We were just hopeful that we would both get into the same place.
Hanli breitling superocean replica: Not the best move, but we didn’t think about what we would have done if we didn’t get in together, until it was decision announcement time. So we would have worked around it if we had to, but we were lucky that we didn’t have to.

Harbus: Did the application process ever get competitive between the two of you?
Hanli: We read each other’s essays; the longest and darkest period for me was when she received her interview invitation like the day after she turned in her app. I had to wait a while. It was pretty bad.
Jisun: He was also tense when I beat him on the GMAT.
Hanli: Yeah, I didn’t know how to react! I mean, she’s never done anything better than me before.
Jisun: Sure, whatever.

Harbus: What is it like being both a partner and a student?
Hanli: It really depends on your significant other’s section. You hear horror stories of people not being nice to partners. With respect to Jisun’s section, they were very inclusive and it was very easy to get to know everyone. I really get along with her Section.
Jisun: His section was really nice to me as well.
Hanli: It was overwhelming in the beginning with double the events, back to back retreats, back to back drinks, every day every week. But I think we learned to manage our time better this year.

Harbus: Now that you’re both at HBS, how, if at all, has the RC year changed your relationship?
And looking back on it, how has the EC year been better/worse.

Jisun: It was a bit challenging for our relationship at first because we were so busy tag heuer replica for sale .
Hanli: Wait, I didn’t know that it was a problem.
Jisun: At the same time it was great to be on the same schedule and have the same vacations.
Hanli: Now it’s great because we have a lot more control over our schedules and a lot more free time.
Jisun: However, it’s still challenging to live in a really, really small One Western apartment.
Hanli: I have an Xbox, but she won’t let me play.
Jisun: We literally don’t have space to set it up!

Harbus: What is the job search like?ÿ How is it planning for the future and trying to coordinate 2 HBS career searches at once?
Hanli: We finally have visibility on where we’re going to be – we’re moving back to Asia! Now that we know where we’ll be, Jisun has to start looking.
Jisun: I’m interested in working in retail or consumer goods, which I think will be more of a networked search closer to or maybe even after graduation.

Harbus: What advice would you give other HBS couples?
Hanli: Listen to the other person, or at least pretend to.
Jisun: Try to make time for each other. It was hard to schedule date nights especially during 1st semester RC year. but we’re going on date night tonight!
Hanli: It’s challenging because there’s always something going on somewhere . During 2nd semester EC year, people feel pressure to make the most of their last couple of months. Given that, it’s hard to stop and just make time for each other.
Jisun: Get a two bedroom apartment.
Hanli: Or wireless soundproof headphones.
Jisun: In the EC year, try to get on the same schedule, we’re both doing all X-schedule. There are so many travel opportunities!

Harbus: With one semester left, any regrets, or wishes before you leave HBS
Hanli: We would like to travel as much as possible.
Jisun: We wish we had more time.
Hanli: It’s so nice to be newlyweds and have the same schedule. We’re just trying to maximize our time to make the most of it. Both being students is a unique experience, especially in the same year. I’m really glad we did it

Harbus: So, what are you plans for Valentine’s Day?
Hanli: On Valentine’s we will be in Prague with some classmates. I will wisk her away one night though. I was going to take her to a nice French restaurant in Boston, but she said no.
Jisun: Well, we’ve been to a lot of the restaurants here before, and I’d rather celebrate in Europe!
Hanli: I also am really bad at keeping surprises, so I ran it by her first.

Harbus: Future plans, we can we find you in 15 years?
Hanli: Somewhere in Asia, hopefully I will be staying at home taking care of the kids and she will be CEO of something. I’ll be playing golf and tennis all day.
Jisun: No, he will be working and I will be playing golf and tennis.
Jisun: Seriously though www.replicabestsale.co.uk, I’ll be working for a retail company, or I’ll have my own company, maybe.
Hanli: Really?? I’m not putting any money into your company.
Jisun: Thanks a lot.
Hanli: Hopefully life will be as kind to us as it has been up to this point because we’ve been very lucky. And I’ll still be plagued by awful Mandarin skills.