Bob McDonald, COO of Procter & Gamble, on "Values-Based Leadership"

As ECs in the midst of searching for jobs, oftentimes we tend to forget our highest priorities in life and instead, we become seduced by the droves of consulting and investment banking firms who come to campus and clamor for us to sign those offer letters. We tend to be in cruise-control mode and are attracted to the traditional HBS recruiters and job opportunities, but we seldom have time to sit down and evaluate what we value most and how we can be happy in our life post-HBS.

Bob McDonald, COO of Proctor & Gamble, dispensed simple and useful advice to HBS students on September 24, 2008. He said, “Decide what you want in life.discuss it with your loved ones. write it down replica watches uk.and make it the center of your personal and professional decisions.” With these words, Bob McDonald reminded students to take time to understand one’s core beliefs and values and develop one’s leadership around that core.

McDonald presented his personal framework of 10 core beliefs and values and how he applies them in his everyday COO life.

1. Everyone wants to succeed. A leader is someone who helps his people to succeed. It is important to let your team know what are your objectives and goals as well as to understand their motivations, which will allow you to guide them towards their objectives.

2. Success is Contagious. One success will always lead to another.

3. Putting people in the right jobs is one of the most important jobs of a leader. People who are passionate about their jobs will always be at their “best self” and it is the job of a leader to put people in the job that is the best fit.

4. Character is the most important trait of a leader. There are many important aspects of being a leader, but being humble and taking full responsibility for your team’s results and actions are key in succeeding as a leader replica breitling.

5. Choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong. The right choice will oftentimes not be the easiest answer, but a leader must take the initiative to choose the harder right for his team.

6. Ineffective strategies, systems and culture are bigger barriers to achievement than the talents of people. For people to succeed, the right strategy, systems and culture must be put in place. If you wish to lead a group of people you must first know where you are leading them.

7.There will be some people in the organization that will not make it on the journey. Commitment to the individuals and persons on your team will lead you to manage people as effectively as possible, and will allow you to make hard decisions, such as recommending a team member to leave the organization.

8. Organizations must renew themselves. Innovation and change are critical to maintaining a successful business over time. One must be open to new ideas and challenges.

9. Recruiting is top priority. To make a great team, you need great people and taking the time to recruit the best will always be fruitful.

10. The true test of the leader is the performance of the organization when he or she is absent or after he or she departs. Don’t think that by making yourself irreplaceable you’re bringing added value to your organization. A true leader can walk away and know that his team’s performance will not be affected.

These are McDonald’s core values and he is a real-life example of how having a clear set of values and objectives will help you make the right personal and professional decisions. Inspired by his words, I have already sat down to evaluate what is most important to me in life and to see how I can translate these priorities into my career search here at HBS.