Back to School Party: Class is in Session at Mantra

Like Wayne Gretzky on a loose puck, HBS students were all over the Canadian Club’s “Back to School” party at Mantra last week.ÿ Given all the long weekends and traveling that many of the 2nd years seem to be doing this term, there was a lot of enthusiasm and energy about getting everyone (both years) together for a night of good clean fun. This was the Canadian Club’s first school wide party of this caliber. Leave it to those Canadians to do a great job of bringing the idea to life.ÿ Everyone in attendance was decked out in prep-school best with loose ties, too-short skirts and knee highs being the required attire.ÿ Rumor has it that the event has been added to the list of reasons why everyone loves Canada, in addition to beer, friendly people and great music – incidentally, all present at Mantra on Thursday night.ÿ The success of the evening will surely make this party an annual event.