Can't Touch This: First Annual Touch Rugby Tournament Promises Burgers, Beers, and Bruised Egos

Nobody died of salmonella. Player injuries were isolated to a couple scraped knees and a few bruised egos. Clear skies. 85 degrees. Burgers, beers, and blues on the gerry-rigged I-POD system.

The first annual HBS Touch Rugby Tournament was a resounding success for all who attended. Of the estimated 150 participants, over half laced up cleats and stepped onto the pitch – many for the first time. Others came not to play, but instead to cheer their section-mates and assess the hype that had been built up for the past month.

Whether on the sideline or on the pitch, participants from all sections were treated to a rousing spectacle. “To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. But, it was really great to have some of the more experienced guys teach us novices how to play. And I think it really showed in our later games”, noted Old E die-hard, Xave Majic.

Even within the confines of a “touch” game, HBSers from both the RC and EC class showcased their superior athletic talents. The women’s bracket was especially hard-fought and competitive with the combined Section A and Section E team coming out on top in the finals. On the men’s side, Thomas Lefebvre captained Section F to a victory over Section C in the men’s championship on the sturdy back of Chris Webster (OF) and his three spectacular tries.

With the increased interest in rugby around campus, sponsors from the HBS Rugby Club intend to make the tournament an annual affair. Individuals interested in joining either the men’s or women’s team should contact Carl Lavin (
and Marisa Goldenberg (, respectively. Good luck!