Debate Cup Goes to Yale

Everyone knows about the annual Harvard-Yale football game, but another, if slightly less popular, tradition is the annual debate between students at Yale’s School of Management and HBS. The night before the game, Luce Hall in New Haven was filled to overflowing as the two teams entered. The fourth annual Leadership and Ethics Forum debate… Continue reading Debate Cup Goes to Yale


We originally thought Karina Bomrad was kidding when she said we would all be invited to her wedding. She was marrying Arturo Alvarez Demalde (OC) in Buenos Aires (BA) over New Year’s. “It will be a great opportunity to see Argentina during our summertime,” she said. She and Arturo held an info session where we… Continue reading ArgentinaTrek

Student Profile, David Perpich (OD)

David was born March 31, 1977 in Washington DC. The oldest of three children, he attended a small high school and looked for a college that would not only be a fun experience but also infused with team spirit. What school could meet that criterion better than Duke? Although medicine seemed like an obvious choice… Continue reading Student Profile, David Perpich (OD)

Allan Gilmour: Former Vice-Chairman of Ford Speaks on Diversity

Allan Gilmour, former vice chairman and CFO of Ford Motor Company, is often referred to in the press as one of relatively few openly gay executives in the top ranks of corporate America. That was precisely the typecasting he had hoped to avoid prior to coming out in 1996. “I would have been too prominent… Continue reading Allan Gilmour: Former Vice-Chairman of Ford Speaks on Diversity

Trends in Media and Entertainment: the WSA Perspective

The WSA Media and Entertainment panel consisted of leading women from multiple media platforms including broadcast and cable TV, print publishing and the Internet. We asked panelists to discuss how shifting platforms for information and entertainment have impacted the future of each industry and current managerial decision-making. We were fortunate to have S. Christopher Meigher… Continue reading Trends in Media and Entertainment: the WSA Perspective