Women's Basketball

Team A lost its first game of the season in a tough match against Team C. Team C, comprised of second years, quickly took the lead with excellent teamwork and accurate lay-ups. Great shooting and coaching by Amanda Renteria led Team C to a clear lead at half time of 20 – 8.

Despite the loss of one player at half-time, the remaining 4 girls (and Robin, borrowed from the other side!) fought hard to narrow the lead against their 8-man rotating opponents. Good rebounds and strength by Jannike Aase and Heidi Bryson helped Team A to get some good transition offense to Alice Prager and Sylvie Tran. However, the experience of the second years ultimately proved too much for Team A.

Team C went on to win 30-13. We look forward to an interesting play off match between these two sides when they both have their full teams!