Welcome to the Harbus Re-Launch!

The idea of the Re-Launch began with the online team. With its cleaner format, modern look and enhanced capabilities the new online edition is truly an outstanding product. Truth be told, the print edition began to look a little dated next to the new online edition, and so the editorial team quickly started planning their own upgrades. The end result of all of this is the paper you are holding, or the site you are browsing.
Rick Zednik’s team has done a commendable job with the Online Edition. Tom Fishburne and Lauren Brouhard have spent the greater part of the last few weeks ensuring that the product was ready by the launch date. As for the print edition, you will notice it boasts a brighter and more colorful exterior and completely redesigned interior sections. This page itself is our conceptualization of the erstwhile commentary section. In this section we aim to raise issues which express the viewpoints of members of the HBS community. We do hope that meaningful debates will be sparked, and that the paper can bring these different perspectives to you, and so we invite your views on any issues at harbus@hbs.edu.
The Features section is undergoing some additions too. We are debuting a new agony aunt column, “Auntie Sam”: our attempt at making up for the absence of Uncle Dan and Aunt Danielle, both of whom departed from the pages of the Harbus this year. (They now serve as advisors to the President). Stephen Johnston and Samhita Patwardhan are captaining the Features section, and they continue to welcome your suggestions and help.
We are also introducing an update exchange with other leading business schools. In this issue, you can read about recent happenings at Kellogg. We will take this initiative forward and bring more and more schools closer to home through the column. We are also introducing a regular series featuring short opinion polls and candid remarks heard by our undercover reporters in the lines at Spangler, the exam print labs and other places.
In the Humor section, Jordan Kayloe has redone the “e-date.” Now that the prefix “e” is no longer hip, Jordan found that the model of the popular section of yesteryears had to change. The Intraview is the proud result. We hope you will participate and enjoy a few laughs, and increase your circle of your friends, literally at our expense. Minnie Ingersoll and her team of sleuths will uncover what really happens at different balls and parties in the Pandora’s Box. Any reporting for her will be very welcome.
Jamie Warder has some exciting additions to the sports section. Chief among these is a column that will explore the fitness interests of members of the HBS community. The column gets underway with a report on Dean Clark himself. Also watch for reviews on local golf courses and other features.
Christie Horne has added punch to the already-buzzing Arts and Entertainment section. We hope that you will continue to contribute reviews of restaurants, plays, movies and music. Fahad Karim is adding more live action pictures to News stories, and is looking at bringing in more news from across the University.
Jessica Brilli and Karen Hendrickson, our patient-as-Saints layout team, have, of course, had a major hand in the facelift. Without their artistic insight and good-humored squashing of our more outlandish ideas, the redesign could never have happened. As always, holding everything together has been our formidable Business Manager, Erika Murdocca.
Since assuming our positions, we at the Harbus have been pleasantly surprised at the depth and breadth of student involvement in the paper. We look forward to expanding this involvement to the January cohort, for whom we have specifically reserved editorial positions. We do hope that you all enjoy this new issue, and keep letting us know how we can improve. Happy reading!

Prashant Agarwal, Editor in Chief
Jim Mutugi, Publisher